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GOGO High-Waisted Leggings: Product Review

GOGO High Waisted Leggings: Product Review

GOGO Leggings Product Review

Yesterday I tried out our new line of stylish compression hosiery – GOGO by Therafirm. I picked out a pair of the High Waisted Leggings in black because they seemed like a great option to pair with skirts and dresses for spring and summer. I was right! I wore them with a Banana Republic wrap dress and flats – perfect outfit to go from work to a late dinner out.

When I put them on, one thing became immediately apparent that I didn’t get from the product description. These leggings aren’t completely opaque. When stretched, you can see your skin through them and whatever you’re wearing underneath – i.e. your underwear. So, definitely don’t purchase these to wear with a t-shirt – you’ll need to cover your bum. With skirts, shorts, dresses and tunics – these will be perfect.

The next important thing to point out is the waistline. The high waist really is high – why did this surprise me?  Most stockings come just above the belly button – these come up to the bra line. I thought this was odd at first, but I ended up really appreciating it. First of all, it does provide some shaping support. They are not as strong as Spanx, but they do smooth everything out. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about an unflattering waistline showing up under your skirt or dress. My wrap dress was fairly formfitting, so any bump of fabric would have been visible.  The GOGO leggings just showed a smooth line! Lastly, the high waist is really comfortable – nothing is digging in at the waist when you sit, like jeans and other pantyhose tend to do.

GOGO leggings in Black

The fabric on these leggings is very stretchy, soft and comfortable. In the summer, my office is pretty cold, so wearing these leggings with skirts and dresses will be great. And, I still have the freedom to wear whatever shoes I want.  Most importantly, my legs were energized all day long. I have a tendency to sit all day long, so I need the extra 10-15 mmHg of graduated support and circulation to keep my legs feeling fresh.

Overall these are going to be a great addition to my wardrobe and I’m excited to try the other colors!

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