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The Subtle Style and Obvious Benefits of Gradient Compression Socks

Whether you are an athlete with a high training volume, someone who struggles with lymphedema, or just have achy legs from time to time, gradient compression socks are a tool that may greatly improve your quality of life. The “gradient” in the name means that the compression is “designed to deliver a controlled amount of pressure which is greatest at the distal end (ankle) of the garment and gradually decreases towards the proximal end (top) of the stocking.” This stimulates blood flow and helps prevent pooling in the feet and ankles.


Gradient Compression Socks for Athletes
While gradient compression socks work well for general aches, they can speed muscle recovery by improving circulation. This can be great for those who run or cycle long distances, as well as those who strength train. Increasing blood flow to muscle tissue can speed muscle recovery and relieve post-exercise pain.

Additionally, some runners prefer to wear gradient compression while running, as it can reduce muscle vibration and improve blood flow. They come in a variety of colors, styles, and can be a great way to tie together your running outfit or stand out in a race. Feeling great and looking great have been combined in a sleek package.


Gradient Compression Socks for Those With Lymphedema and Venous Issues
Lymphedema is a condition that can be alleviated to a great extent by increasing circulation and promoting healthy blood flow. Gradient compression socks encourage the flow of lymphatic fluid back out of the affected leg(s), which can help improve your symptoms and reduce associated pain. Compression socks are useful for many venous disorders, including venous insufficiency, varicose veins, and venous ulcers. Pregnant women who wear them generally see a reduction in leg swelling and the discomfort during pregnancy as well.

Gradient compression socks don’t look like medical devices, so others will be none the wiser about your use of these socks, weather for medical purposes or just a comfortable part of your wardrobe. You can choose subtle tones that blend in with your day-to-day wear, or you can choose brighter colors that stand out.

While wraps or bandages can be used for a similar effect, patients who use them need to make sure they are creating an appropriate pressure. This can be somewhat tricky and time-consuming. With gradient compression socks, simply wearing them as normal socks without any special arrangement will be enough to provide you with the scientifically designed compression.


Gradient Compression Socks for General Achiness
While gradient compression socks are recommended by physicians for certain circulatory issues and can be beneficial for athletes, they also are helpful for those who experience chronic aches and pains in their legs. This is especially true for those who spend much of the day standing. Because gradient compression socks help promote proper circulation, wearing them can reduce discomfort. They fit easily under clothing, so they are compatible with most work uniforms.

Gradient compression socks offer a convenient way to manage pain and discomfort associated with leg circulation. However, they also are an option with style – you can choose from a variety of colors and lengths making it easy to incorporate into any outfit. When you choose gradient compression socks, you the benefits of a medical device without looking like one.


Summer Favorites to Keep your Legs Feeling Great!

Want to have your cake and eat it, too?  We all do, right?!  What if you could wear all the cutest fashions this summer without the swelling and tired, achy legs?  You can!  GOGO legwear can give you the best of both worlds as they are both fashionable AND functional, providing just a little bit of gradient compression to promote better blood flow, improving circulation and warding off tired, achy legs.

You’ll be “summer lovin’” all summer long when combining a pair of GOGO leggings in our everyday fashionable colors, like papyrus, with a cute and flowy tunic dress.  The leggings will keep your legs feeling great with increased circulation without adding any undue layers to make you feel too warm.  GOGO leggings are made of cool, breathable materials to help keep you cool.  Round out your “summer lovin’” outfit with an adorable hat, practical and comfortable leather sandals and a brightly colored bag.

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Coming right along with summer is everyone’s favorite patriotic holiday – 4th of July!  To add a patriotic kick to your summer sundresses, pull on a pair of GOGO Leggings in Navy.  Or to venture on the even lighter side, our Footless Tights are also available in Navy.  The bold navy color will really stand out against a beautiful, crisp white sundress.  Add a few red accents and you’ll be perfect in your patriotic ensemble for any 4th of July picnics, barbecues, parades or fireworks shows.  And at the end of the day, your legs will thank you!

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Get These Great Colors Now . . . Before They’re Gone!

Did you miss these fun styles the first time around?  Or maybe you haven’t gotten around to putting together one of these sweet outfits.  Well now’s the time, friends!  We’re making room for our 2015 Spring/Summer colors, so the 2014 Fall/Winter colors have got to go!  We’ve discounted the prices, so pick up a few pairs while they’re still here.

turn-the-corner now-and-laterA Clean Slate - GOGO by Therafirm Kick It - GOGO by Therafirmi'm so fancy relax-comfortably

I’m looking out my window at three inches of snow, with more predicted this week, so there’s still plenty of time to wear your GOGO compression tights and leggings in one of our several Fall/Winter14 colors – silver, slate, mulberry and eggplant.  Gradient compression hosiery has often been recommended for use to help energize legs, provide relief for tired, achy legs and to help prevent swelling. And GOGO hosiery in these fashionable colors are great no matter the season.

As an added bonus, when you order online and your cart subtotal reaches $50, we’ll give you an extra 25% off any Discontinued Colors in your cart. Your legs will love feeling so great, and your pocketbook will appreciate the price!

Transitional Wardrobes

turn-the-cornerOn a budget after all the holiday spending? Or maybe you just love that summer dress? Make your summer wardrobe work for you even during the cold winter months. Pair your favorite floral patterned summer dress with a couple things to keep you warm. A black llama wool cardigan sweater and GOGO® by Therafirm brightly colored tights should do the trick. GOGO® tights offer a light gradient compression relieving tired, achy, swollen legs. Next, fit those legs into a pair of handmade brown leather riding boots and finish off the look with a knitted cashmere slouch beanie hat in coordinating colors. Voila! Your summer clothes are perfect all winter long and you’ll be dreaming of those warm summer days in no time!


now-and-laterWho said that silk dress is just for summer?! Don’t let that keep you down. Paired with the right accessories, your great find is perfect all year around. Accent this dress with a long alpaca knit blue cardigan and GOGO® by Therafirm tights in Slate blue. GOGO® tights offer a light gradient compression relieving tired, achy, swollen legs. Who wouldn’t want their legs feeling great, while looking great, too!? Round out the look with a red leather backpack bag and a pair of gold drop earrings. This perfect look to brighten up the dull winter days will have you ready to tackle whatever the day has in store!


Share your favorite ways to sneak spring/summer items into your winter looks!

2014 Summer Style Guide For Ladies On The “GO”

Not all of us have the luxury of being able to get our daily workout routine in during the workday, leaving our legs feeling tired and achy – sometimes even swollen.

When you wear GOGO by Therafirm gradient compression, you can sit or stand all day long (while even wearing heels) and your legs will feel energized, cool and dry all day long.


Check out some of the looks we’ve created This season’s style trends just go to show that a pop of color with the right accents can go a long way!


“Dare To Go Footless” – Give your ankles a break with light and breezy capri slacks complemented by mulberry, a tailored top and specks of gold in all the right places!

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“Sparingly Neon” – Summer is all about flecks of neon bright colors, which add just the right amount of pop when paired with neutrals.

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“Fancy & Fierce” – Busy skirt patterns look sophisticated and edgy when worn with a solid, bright color top and the right shoes.

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“Nothing Wrong with Neutrals” – Create the illusion of a tiny waist with a fitted top and belt to match.

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Work Color Inspiration For Spring & Summer

Simple, minimal patterns and bright colors scream springy vibrance. Low-heel pumps  paired with GOGO light compression help to fight fatigue and energize legs all throughout the work day.

Work Style