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Get the Look for Less

4 Tips to Prepare Your Wardrobe for Spring & Summer

So it’s getting to be that awkward phase as we get closer to spring and summer (at least in our neck of the woods here in the Midwest). It seems like one day you need to dress warm with a heavier jacket and scarf, the next it’s a short sleeve top with sandals.

So how’s a girl to know how to bring in the warmer months with all the change? Luckily we’ve put together a few short tips for you to consider as you do your wardrobe “spring cleaning”!

1)     Have a good mix of neutral and bright hues.

Every woman should have a nice set of core, neutral pieces in her wardrobe that she can mix and match throughout the year. That said, warmer weather means it’s time to transition to a brighter and more colorful palette! This spring and summer, colors like geranium and sea foam are expected to be pretty big so plan on investing in at least one piece that show cases one of these gorgeous hues. Want to know what other colors are expected to trend this spring?

2)     Look for deals.

Retailers everywhere have been gearing up for their Spring sales and promotions and are getting ready to launch. Don’t be afraid to call in, email or even visit in-store and ask exactly when your favorite clothing stores plan to run their sales. You’ll definitely want to take the opportunity to do a little shopping around to see what deals are out there. Once you know, plan to mark it down so you can hit the store on sale day and you’ll be considered one savvy spring shopper!

3)     Clean out your closet.

If you’re anything like the average person, you only wear 20 percent of the clothing that’s in your closet anyway – so make some room and throw the clothing you don’t plan to wear (or haven’t worn in years) out! Reasons for keeping old clothing include sentiment, setting weight goals or waiting to find “the right piece you just know you’ll find to go with it one day” – Dream on! If you haven’t worn it yet, chances are you won’t. Give your unwanted apparel to a family member or donate to a local charity – You’ll be glad you did.

4)     Invest in year-round, transitional clothing.

Accessories and clothes that are easily mixed and matched all year round can save you a great deal of money. Additionally, it makes switching from Summer to Fall later in the year much less of a hassle! Head over to Café Mom or search Pinterest for some year-round accessory and clothing ideas. Speaking of year-round, did you know that wearing GOGO keeps your legs cool and dry even during the summer?

So in short, if you take the time to incorporate these tips into your wardrobe planning schedule you will be prepped and ready to go for spring and summer – and save time for the next seasonal wardrobe shift!

What ways (not listed here) are you preparing your wardrobe for the warmer months? Share below!

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