Transitional Wardrobes

turn-the-cornerOn a budget after all the holiday spending? Or maybe you just love that summer dress? Make your summer wardrobe work for you even during the cold winter months. Pair your favorite floral patterned summer dress with a couple things to keep you warm. A black llama wool cardigan sweater and GOGO® by Therafirm brightly colored tights should do the trick. GOGO® tights offer a light gradient compression relieving tired, achy, swollen legs. Next, fit those legs into a pair of handmade brown leather riding boots and finish off the look with a knitted cashmere slouch beanie hat in coordinating colors. Voila! Your summer clothes are perfect all winter long and you’ll be dreaming of those warm summer days in no time!


now-and-laterWho said that silk dress is just for summer?! Don’t let that keep you down. Paired with the right accessories, your great find is perfect all year around. Accent this dress with a long alpaca knit blue cardigan and GOGO® by Therafirm tights in Slate blue. GOGO® tights offer a light gradient compression relieving tired, achy, swollen legs. Who wouldn’t want their legs feeling great, while looking great, too!? Round out the look with a red leather backpack bag and a pair of gold drop earrings. This perfect look to brighten up the dull winter days will have you ready to tackle whatever the day has in store!


Share your favorite ways to sneak spring/summer items into your winter looks!

2014 Summer Style Guide For Ladies On The “GO”

Not all of us have the luxury of being able to get our daily workout routine in during the workday, leaving our legs feeling tired and achy – sometimes even swollen.

When you wear GOGO by Therafirm gradient compression, you can sit or stand all day long (while even wearing heels) and your legs will feel energized, cool and dry all day long.


Check out some of the looks we’ve created This season’s style trends just go to show that a pop of color with the right accents can go a long way!


“Dare To Go Footless” – Give your ankles a break with light and breezy capri slacks complemented by mulberry, a tailored top and specks of gold in all the right places!

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“Sparingly Neon” – Summer is all about flecks of neon bright colors, which add just the right amount of pop when paired with neutrals.

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“Fancy & Fierce” – Busy skirt patterns look sophisticated and edgy when worn with a solid, bright color top and the right shoes.

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“Nothing Wrong with Neutrals” – Create the illusion of a tiny waist with a fitted top and belt to match.

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Work Color Inspiration For Spring & Summer

Simple, minimal patterns and bright colors scream springy vibrance. Low-heel pumps  paired with GOGO light compression help to fight fatigue and energize legs all throughout the work day.

Work Style

GOGO High-Waisted Leggings: Product Review

GOGO High Waisted Leggings: Product Review

GOGO Leggings Product Review

Yesterday I tried out our new line of stylish compression hosiery – GOGO by Therafirm. I picked out a pair of the High Waisted Leggings in black because they seemed like a great option to pair with skirts and dresses for spring and summer. I was right! I wore them with a Banana Republic wrap dress and flats – perfect outfit to go from work to a late dinner out.

When I put them on, one thing became immediately apparent that I didn’t get from the product description. These leggings aren’t completely opaque. When stretched, you can see your skin through them and whatever you’re wearing underneath – i.e. your underwear. So, definitely don’t purchase these to wear with a t-shirt – you’ll need to cover your bum. With skirts, shorts, dresses and tunics – these will be perfect.

The next important thing to point out is the waistline. The high waist really is high – why did this surprise me?  Most stockings come just above the belly button – these come up to the bra line. I thought this was odd at first, but I ended up really appreciating it. First of all, it does provide some shaping support. They are not as strong as Spanx, but they do smooth everything out. Secondly, you don’t have to worry about an unflattering waistline showing up under your skirt or dress. My wrap dress was fairly formfitting, so any bump of fabric would have been visible.  The GOGO leggings just showed a smooth line! Lastly, the high waist is really comfortable – nothing is digging in at the waist when you sit, like jeans and other pantyhose tend to do.

GOGO leggings in Black

The fabric on these leggings is very stretchy, soft and comfortable. In the summer, my office is pretty cold, so wearing these leggings with skirts and dresses will be great. And, I still have the freedom to wear whatever shoes I want.  Most importantly, my legs were energized all day long. I have a tendency to sit all day long, so I need the extra 10-15 mmHg of graduated support and circulation to keep my legs feeling fresh.

Overall these are going to be a great addition to my wardrobe and I’m excited to try the other colors!

How Does GOGO Keep America Beautiful?

How Does GOGO by Therafirm Keep America Beautiful?

You may or may not know that April is National Keep America Beautiful Month. Traditionally, this month is a time during which communities all across the U.S. are engaging in activities to help clean up and preserve our environment. In fact, if you’re looking for some ways to get involved in your local community, you can visit the Keep America Beautiful web site for tons of opportunities.

Speaking of ways to keep our environment beautiful, below are just a few ways GOGO by Therafirm helps keep America beautiful.

1) Supports and strengthens the economy.
All GOGO by Therafirm products are made in the U.S. This means that when you buy a pair of GOGOs, you’re supporting the economy and even jobs here at home!

2) Keeps your legs looking youthful.
Wearing GOGOs energizes your legs by promoting better blood flow in your lower extremities. Better circulation and energized legs means less likelihood to develop wrinkles or dry skin.

3) Provides a wide variety of colors and styles to choose from (without complicated or tacky designs) making them flexible for any wardrobe, giving you the confidence of knowing you look good!
Just because you’re a woman “on the go” doesn’t mean you should have to sacrifice your individuality for healthy, beautiful compression – GOGOs come in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes to choose from!

Help us celebrate Keep America Beautiful month and enter our I Am Beautiful Giveaway! You automatically win $5 off any order when you send us a pin of a quote that makes you feel beautiful with the hashtag #IAmBeautiful!

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